BCU 3 Star Touring Award

If you a recreational paddler who wants to move on to extended trips on rivers and lakes or estuaries and improve your skill level then this award is worth looking at. The course looks at river skills and environmental considerations so that you can consider yourself an intermediate paddler.

The course will be run over two days looking at both open water and river environments. The first day is spent on a lake learning open water skills applicable to your chosen craft and the second is river based including a trip. The course covers all aspects of craft handling and manoeuvring, environmental considerations, group skills, rescues and navigation.

As well as teaching the skills, your coaches will be carrying out a continous assessment of your abilities and, if they beleive that you are at the required level, you will leave on the second day with a pass certificate. If you require further training in certain aspects of the syllabus, your coach will provide you with an action plan to acheive the award requisits.

Even if you are sucessful in acheiving the award, your coach will provide you with guidance on the direction to take with your paddling.

For more information see the BCU website personal performance awards page at:


Coach to Paddler Ratio
Maximum coach to paddler ratio 1:6

Course Dates and Venues

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