Trail Running

A great way to see the countryside!

When you go “out for a run” there is nothing better than doing it where the scenary adds to the pleasure and helps to keep you going, ¬†that is “Trail Running”.

Running is one of the largest participation sports at present and, like most sports, there are a few different versions. Trail running is using paths and tracks instead of roads, getting away from built up areas and, possibly, in to more remote parts of the countryside.

Trail running offers a different challenge to road running, the surface is uneven; rocks, roots and ruts to be negotiated. There may be slopes to go up and down, paths and tracks of different widths. This all adds to the fun and adventure of the sport, heightening the enjoyment.

For the kit junkies out there, this discipline will let you feed your obsession! From shoes to jackets to running vests, there is a myrid of differnt forms of clothing and equipment to chose from depending on what you want to do. The scope for routes is also huge across the country; from linking short sections of local footpaths to ultra distance, high mountain races.




From beginners to experienced runners, we can help you with equipment choice, training advice, navigation training and routes.

Like to try it? We offer 1:1 and group guiding for beginners.