First Aid Courses

First aid is the provision of immediate, temporary care for an illness or injury. Usually performed by non-expert but trained personnel to a sick or injured person until definitive medical treatment can be accessed. You could be the difference! We offer all the First Aid at Work and Paediatric courses, along with specific Outdoor First Aid training.

All our first aid qualifications are accredited and verified by ITC First Ltd, the awarding body, and Ofqual (Official Regulator of Qualifications in England).

Regulations state there is no need for employers to perform due diligence checks on regulated ITC Centres delivering ITC qualifications.  See paragraph 12 of HSE document GIS3.


We provide training to the two mandatory qualifications that are required by law for the work place:

Statutory Qualifications for HSE Regulatory Compliance

Employers need to provide First Aid care on their premises for staff and have a duty of care towards all visitors and users of their facilities. ITC Centres can assist you in your assessment of your statutory first aid needs.


  • EFAW, Emergency First Aid at Work (1-day of 6 teaching hours)
  • FAW, First Aid at Work (3-days with 18 teaching hours)
  • FAWR, First Aid at Work Refresher (2-days with 12 teaching hours)

We also provide specialist based training in both Outdoor & Paediatric First Aid:

  • Emergency First Aid Outdoor (1-day of 8 teaching hours)

  • Outdoor First Aid (2-days / 16 teaching hours)

  • Emergency Paediatric First Aid (1-day of 6+ teaching hours)

  • Paediatric First Aid (2-days / 12+ teaching hours)



EFAW – £85 per person                        EOFA – £85                 EPFA – £85 per person/Group of 7 up to 12 £540

FAW – £240 per person.                        OFA – £125.                PFA – £115 per person/Group of 7 up to 12 £950

FAWR – £135 per person

10% Discount for bookings of groups of 4 or more.

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