RLSS Water Safety Management Programme

The National Water Safety Management Programme (NWSMP) is a suite of modular and interlinked training awards which offers a flexible approach to water safety training.

This flexible programme balances the needs for simple, preventative and proactive safety management practices alongside effective emergency response skills. The NWSMP starts with a half day Level 1`Water Safety Awareness’ module and progresses, depending on the specific environment and planned work activity, through Level 2 Still Water, River, Beach & Level 3 In-Water Rescue modules. You must complete the Level 1 awareness module before continuing on to the level 2 and 3 modules.

• Level 1 – Compulsory (Dry Based, i.e. candidates don’t actually get in the water)
6 hours
comprising of:
2 Hours Self Study – knowledge based
4 Hours Guided Learning (with a teacher) – interactive sessions

• Level 2 (Low level water activity, e.g. rock pooling, pond dipping, etc. up to thigh height)

Candidates must complete and pass Level 1 before undertaking Level 2. It is split into 3 different environments: Beach, River and Still Water
3 Hours PER Environment

• Level 3 (In Water Rescue aimed at PROGRAMMED activities, e.g. canoeing, kayaking, relays, but NOT free swimming)

Candidates must complete and pass Levels 1 and 2 before undertaking Level 3. Practiced in the water and involves being able to do a 30m contact rescue and a 15m contact tow
2 Hours

There are also two”Stand Alone” modules available which can be added to any of the above programme training or delivered seperately. These are:

  • Aquatic Personal Protective Equipment (APPE)Teaches how to competently use a buoyancy aid, lifejacket, wetsuit and dry suit, and to understand the PPE Regulations relating to inspection and servicing.
  • Occupational Flood SafetyCovers a range of topics including associated hazards and risks, drowning prevention, comprehensive Water Safety Management Plans and safety measures when working near water, legal Issues and Personal Protective Equipment.

Both are 4 hours in length and, like the other NWSMP modules, are valid for 2 years.


Please contact us for group price. All course prices include the registration fee to the Royal Life Saving Society (RLSS) and candidates receive an electronic version of the course manuals. Additional hard copy of all manuals is included for corporate clients.

Open course prices will be advertsied with the course.