Safe Working Near Water Awareness Training

If you have staff who are required to work near or in water, this one days training will cover your Health and Safety requirements. The main objective is to instruct basic safety and rescue skills that can be applied in any  water environment.

The training can be either classroom based, looking at the different types of water courses that can be encountered and their hazards, basic hydrology, safety equipment, safety & rescue protocols and personnel safety techniques or combined with an in water practical session. Our training can be designed for your needs.

Our land based training will always involve a practical element looking at the use of equipment and application of protocols.

We can deliver at your location or arrange one of our training venues.

Our clients include:

  • Jacobs Ltd.
  • The Coal Authority.
  • Mott MacDonald Ltd.
  • Don River Conservation Trust.
  • Aire Rivers Trust.
  • Tees Rivers Trust.
  • Gwynedd Council Consultancy.
  • Yorkshire Dales Rivers Trust
  • JN Bentley Ltd
  • West Oxon District Council


Please contact us for a Group price.

If practical, in water sessions, is wanted, we can supply drysuits at either an additional cost or within the course costing; this is dependent on candidate supplied equipment or not.

Course Content

During the day we will look at the following:

Why we need the training.

Types of watercourses & associated hazards including: ditches, drains, slow & fast moving rivers, canals.

Diseases, entrapment, debris, strainers, flood, ice & mud.

Basic hydrology & features found on rivers including: how water behaves (flow, swirl, and recirculation), stoppers, weirs, wave trains, cushion waves.

PPE & safety equipment: Types of flotation equipment available, fitment and servicing requirements. Clothing and throw lines. 

Safety protocols & actions to take: priorities, ways of bring a person to shore, recovering a casualty.

Cold water shock and drowning CPR (optional).

Personal safety and removing a person from the water: what to do if you are in the water, defensive swimming position, HELP, HUDDLE.

Throw line practice: using throw lines and considerations of ropes near water & no knot