Terms & Conditions


1.1 All courses are exempt of VAT

1.2 Places can only be reserved by submitting the following:

1.2.1 – A completed booking form & non-refundable deposit of 10% for bookings prior to four weeks before course dates.

1.2.2 – A completed booking form & full cost of the course if booked later than four weeks before course date.

1.3 Course places cannot be provisionally booked or reserved by

1.4 All balances must be paid 4 weeks prior to the commencement date of the course.

1.5 If a booking is made within the four-week period prior to commencement the
whole fee must be submitted upon booking.


2.1 Substitution of the original customer for another can be made provided at least 2
weeks notice is given by the substituted customer to the company and the
substituting customer satisfies the requirement of the course. All substitutions
must be made with the consent of the company with both the substituted and
substituting customer being jointly and severally liable for the total course fee as
well as an administrative cost of £10.00 per course/substitution.

2.2 A customer may apply, in writing, to change course or course dates as long as the
original booking is more than 4 weeks from the date of the request. An
administrative charge of £10.00 is payable at the time of change.

2.3 Any requests to change course or course dates within the 4 week period will be
dealt with under the terms and conditions relating to cancellation by the customer.


3.1 All cancellations must be in writing and acknowledged by River Mountain Experience.
The financial cost of cancellation is as follows:

3.2 – Deposits are non-refundable

3.3 – 75% of the total course fee where cancellation takes place less that 4
weeks but more than 2 weeks before the commencement of the course; or

3.4 – 100% of the total course fee where cancellation takes place within the period
of 1-14 days before the commencement date of the course; or

3.5 – 100% of the total course fee where cancellation takes place on or after the
commencement date of the course.


4.1 Whilst every attempt is made to ensure that courses/activities actually run, the
company will notify the customer of cancellation as soon as practicable where it
believes on reasonable grounds that cancellation is necessary due to dangerous
and/or unsuitable conditions for the course/activity.

4.2 The company shall notify the customer of cancellation not less than five days prior to
the commencement of the course where numbers as a result of either customer(s)
cancellation or booked numbers have failed to reach a workable minimum.

4.3 In the event of cancellation customers will be offered the choice of the following options:

4.3.1 – Full refund of the fee paid; or

4.3.2 – Another booking on a different date.