Today is the United Nations World Environment Day. A day when we should have a good think about what we, the human race, are doing to our planet. During the Corona pandemic and the enforced shut downs around the world, we have seen the natural environment thrive. You can see the Himalayas from places they have not been seen for years, the canals of Venice have become clear, bird song is heard all over the countryside. Then the UK started to ease it lockdown restrictions…..

The scenes of littering, wanton vandalism, grass fires etc. are a huge disappointment to a lot of people. Why? What changed because we could not go out for a while? Unfortunately I cannot answer that, only the people that did it can give us that insight, but we will never get it from them. What can we do? How about bring back those Public Information Films we use to get back in the seventies; start to re-educate the masses.

What do you think..?